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Yak 54-3D


It is designed for maximum performance. Please seek advice if one is not familiar with this kind of engine powered precision model. Operating this model without prior preparation may cause injuries. Remember, safety is the most important thing. Always keep this instruction manual at hand for quick reference.

Requires – .70 cu.in displacement 4 stroke

Radio Required: 4 Channels, 5 Servos


Wing Span: 55in/1400mm

Wing Area :616 sq in/39.8 sq dm

Flying Weight : 5.2 lb / 2400g

Fuselage Length : 52.8 in/1340mm




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Quick Overview

Important Safety Precautions

  • First time flyer should never fly by himself / herself. Assistance from experienced absolutely necessary.
  • Pre-flight adjustment must be done before flying, it is very dangerous to fly a badly pre-adjusted aircraft.
  • The Yak 54 – 3D is designed to be powered by 4 CH 0.70 engine. Using a more powerful engine does not mean better performance. In fact, over powered engine may cause structural damage and injuries.  
  • Make sure the air field is spacious, never fly the plane too close to people and never too close to a running propeller.
  • if you find wrinkles on the covering as a result of weather changes, you can use hot Iron to remove the wrinkles. Please begin with lower temperature setting and gradually raise the temperature until the wrinkles are gone. Too hot an Iron may damage the covering
  • Check and Re-tighten up all factory assembled screws, use thread locker if applicable.


Material Birch Ply and Balsa Wood
Color Multicolor
Product Code YI_AERO_17
Power Needed Yes


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