Tinkering Lab

Tinkering Lab

Tinker lab is the ideal place to explore, discover, innovate and             experiment through hands on approach to raise the            spirit of scientific temper among the young minds.

Straight roads will never make skillful drivers, Young Innovators always believe that we learn while we do it practically, and tinkering labs are the best place for us to learn while we repair any old product and make it wok or improve the present products and come out with a new product. STEM learning is the new trend now as it not only focuses on make the child knowledgeable but also makes him technically equipped, and these topics is not that which could be thought through presentations and Text books and would be best thought practically.

STEM learning is the foundation for best practical knowledge and due to the traditional classroom training, students find it difficult to analyze the concepts in higher levels of education, we from Young Innovators have taken the initiative of helping in setting up tinkering labs at various schools and colleges and are constantly backing up young minds to ignite their thoughts and expand their thinking horizon.

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