Young innovators take a step ahead by exposing the mysteries hidden
behind the skies by providing real-time experience with telescopes, and
various observational techniques.


Participate in our workshops to experience the natural and simple experiments   built with the heavenly bodies around us. All you require is a splendid passion and basic mathematics and physics  to blend with nature.

To address the importance of astronomy with the Celestial phenomena. We have divided the workshops into three periods: Day, evening and night.  You can choose as per your interest of indulgence.

Eligibility Criteria to participate in our workshops: An astronomy enthusiast.

Interested educational institutions or organizations can also enroll for the workshops.

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1. Measuring scales of astronomy

2. Solar system

3. Journey of a comet

4. Constellations in the night sky

5. Formation of Moon

Observational Workshops

1 . Characteristics of Our Moon


1. Explore the universe

Make it and take it ! - Telescope Making Workshop

  1. Sun – Life cycle of sun, physical structure, Measuring the size and shape of sun
  2. Earth – Physical characteristics, Tilt and its orbit, Importance of its position in the solar system.
  3. Moon – Understand the origin and formation of moon, Importance of earth Moon and sun system, importance of the effect of moon on earth.
  4. Observe the surface of the moon through the telescope
  1. Objects in Solar system : Planets and their classifications, Physical characteristics, Surface features, Asteroids, Possibility of life within solar system, Calculations on Age and weight
  2. Our Galaxy-Milky Way : Structure and its classification, types of Galaxies, Multiwavelength view of Milky Way.
  1. Optics and telescope : Principles in optics, History of telescopes, Types of telescopes, different types of mounts Making a telescope and its mount.

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