Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

An experimental education tour with our forgotten resources.

Sustainable living is the key to our future. In this 21st century, with technology at every step of our lives, it’s hard to find time to engage ourselves with the natural resources found at our reach. Through the weekend and day out camps, we take an initiative to bring out the human instincts with nature by allowing the participants to immerse and experiment with nature.

Experiential Learning Tours

1. Day visits to Organic Farms

This visit is designed to give an overview of the day to day workings of an organic farm. Along with understanding how sustainable farming is essential to creating a cleaner and greener environment for our future, kids will also get to spend the day immersed in nature.

2. 3 day/2 night OR 2 day/1 night stay and hands-on learning at working organic farms

In this program, kids will partake in hands-on work at the farms in order to understand the agricultural practices, the effort in producing the foods we eat and how it affects the social, economic and natural environment. They will also learn about the culture and heritage of the local people through interactions and knowledge sharing.

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