Let passion and determination be the guide along the way and develop at your own pace that's comfortable.

Knowledge Zone

Books are the quietest and reliable friends, they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” said Charles William Eliot. One can find such friend at Young Innovators. With a well-stocked library of books to understand why,where, what,when,who and how of things, the library entices those who have a keen to learn more.

One can find calm and peace of this room to mull over the facts of science, discover and explore concepts and theories. Books are a storehouse of knowledge and one can access this on all days of the week at the Knowledge Zone of Young Innovators. Discussions and deliberations have become a part of the Zone. From fiction to science one could browse through some rare books and gain a deeper perspective of life and the working of things around.

Innovation Zone

Here one could find resources to quell the curiosity of mind with regard to science. Walk into Young Innovators, whether it is to know how a telescope works, the dynamics of air flow, the working of a robot and much more.

The Innovative Zone is open to young minds who have the inquisitiveness to learn and experiment with resources to play around, learning here is a self exploration and self taught experience. Nothing works better at times than insightful learning and Young Innovators through this forum aids the dispersal of ideas,thoughts and theories among the young minds.

A young, enterprising, and dedicated team is at the helm of providing the generation of today with tools that make learning science fun and stimulating.