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KK 2.1.5 is a board with ATMEL mega 664PA,8-bit AVR RISC based microcontroller with 64K of memory. It is easy for the beginner to start with and has firmware pre-defined in it. While activating or deactivating the board there is an audio warning from the piezo buzzer of KK 2.1.5.It is the most stable board because it has inbuilt gyroscope, 6050 MPU, and auto level function. This board has eight motor outputs, five control inputs, an LCD display, polarity protected voltage sensor input, an ISP header, six-axis accelerometer/gyroscope, a fuse protected piezo output. The user-defined signals from K.K.board are processed by ATMEL 644PA IC and these control signals are passed to the ESC’s installed on the frame of the drone.


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